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Some of the events I will be attending and/or coming up:

Week of June 28th ~ Appearance on “Behind the Lines” TV show on Blue Ridge Cable 11 speaking on Social Media impact on business.  Show will air:  Monday, 6/28 @ 7:00 am; Tuesday, 6/29 @ 10:30 am; Wednesday, 6/30 @ 6:00 pm; Thursday, 7/1 @ 5:00 pm and Friday, 7/2 @ 10:00 am.

Week of July 5th ~ Appearance on “Behind the Lines” TV show on Blue Ridge Cable 11 speaking on Women in Business and finding your Niche.  Show will spotlight Marketing by DM.  Show will air:  Monday, 7/5 @ 7:00 am; Tuesday, 7/6 @ 10:30 am, Wednesday, 7/7 @ 6:00 pm; Thursday, 7/8 @5:00 pm and Friday, 7/9 @ 10:00 am.

July 12th ~ Historic Preservation Trust Marketing Meeting @ Noon

July 13th ~ Business2Business publication strategy meeting @ Noon

July 14th ~ LGH Marketing meeting @ Noon

July 15th ~ Harrisburg Social Media Club Meet-Up at Carley’s in Harrisburg @ 5:30 pm.

August 12th ~ OGC meeting in Mt. Gretna

August 19th ~ Harrisburg Social Media Club Meet-up at Confit in Camp Hill @ 12 noon

August 24th ~ Afternoon “T” with Twitter Presentation @PerfectSettings in Columbia at 3:00 pm


Strengthening Your Brand

 Does your brand convey the unique attributes of how you do business?  Building a brand to differentiate yourself may call for “Rebranding”


Lancaster, PA, March 25, 2010, Marketing by DM ~  In these tough economic times, it makes perfect sense to evaluate your mission and business philosophy so that your personal brand properly defines your uniqueness.  Further, as reported on Tom Peters’ website, who created the concept of “A Brand Called You”, it is paramount to be as concerned about your internal brand as well as your external brand.  “If you don’t set a value for your brand, someone else will and it could be your competition,” advises Diane Meyer, Marketing by DM, Branding and Promotions Director.

Although branding was discussed twenty years ago, the Social Media era upon us has created a sense of urgency among businesses, large and small, to rebrand.  The value of the reach of the social web is boundless.  By utilizing Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and your Blog to present your rebranding objectives, authenticity plays a key role in a successful rebranding initiative.  One most recent rebranding effort was undertaken by Campbell Soup  All to capture attention, convey exactly what it is we’re saying, in the shortest amount of time.  Also, we all know what Alan Mullaly, CEO, did for Ford   So if the biggest and brightest of businesses are rebranding, we have to believe that small businesses would be remiss in not taking heed.

During her five (5) years in the promotional product and print media business, Diane Meyer, Marketing by DM, regularly reviewed her Mission Statement and Goals concluding that she was always on target and over this time period her standards were consistent.  Her personal brand was achieved.  Clients were remarking about her guidance, direction and leadership qualities.  However, what did her logo say, what did her tagline convey. “Your brand should mirror your client’s experience,” cautioned Diane Meyer.

Deeter Gallaher Group talks and writes consistently about the power of words and this holds true for your logo, tagline, website, blogs, etc…..most important, everything to do with branding you.  Listening to the experts like Anne Deeter Gallaher’s team was an easy choice for Marketing by DM.

Recognizing a rebranding was necessary; Marketing by DM set the process in motion by contacting a Graphic Designer, Jamie Crager, who was also familiar with marketing and the promotional product industry along with being an expert in SEO and social media strategy.  Diane discussed her clients’ unique experience of guidance, leadership and trust to get them the results they desired and concluded that her current logo did not clearly reflect her clients’ emotional experience. 

It didn’t take long before the new Marketing by DM logo was created with the tagline “your GPS of promotions”.  The addition of the triangle with the global icon inside was the finishing touch that her clients are remarking…. “That is YOU”!  A total rejuvenation of her website was undertaken as well…

Putting all the pieces together developed a more cohesive message.  “Branding is more than color of logo, embroidery on a shirt, appearance on a banner”, says Diane Meyer.  “It is about a total brand experience your customer consistently sees, hears and feels.”  Diane further stated, “Total commitment to brand is crucial to success.  It must become second nature to all associated with your brand….it is YOU!”

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