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Even the Most Die-Hard Players Choosing Par-3 Courses


Time Constraints Create A Greater Need for Par-3 and Executive Courses


Ocean View, DE, January 19, 2011, Bethany Bay Golf Club ~ The challenges of managing time has hit the most avid golfer.  Holding onto “I conduct a lot of business on the golf course”, or “It is good exercise”, or “It relaxes me”….golfers are still confronted with time constraints.  Therefore, the Executive Course and Par-3 Courses are being sought out by many.   

It sometimes comes as a surprise to many golfers that these two types of courses are quite different.  Both Executive and Par-3 Courses are nine-hole, however, the Par-3 Course only has Par-3 holes furnishing the golfer with the much needed timesaver while still having a positive experience on the course.  The Executive Course has Par-4 holes as well and may even have Par-5 holes that can tend to run much longer. 

Ernie Bailey, a member at the Bethany Bay Golf Club, commented, “When I don’t have all day to play, I play at Bethany Bay”.  He shares that philosophy of playing at BB Golf Club’s Par-3 Course with many of the skilled members who find the course ideal to work on their short game and practice their shot making skills over ponds and sand traps. 

 “Busy schedules and golfers not retiring until later in life has accelerated the desire for these shorter courses,” advised Bailey.  He further stated that beginners also find nine-hole Par-3 courses like BB Golf Club particularly beneficial for practicing their short drives, pitching and putting while still getting the experience of a 100 yards to 180 yards hole distance. 

Ted Doman, also a member of the Club, stated that what makes BB Golf Club a more unique Par-3 Course is that although it is nine holes, anyone of the holes could be a part of a regular 18-hole course because the shortest yardage is about 100 yards.  “That’s a real plus for our skilled players. ” 

Pat Donahue, chairman of the BB Golf Committee, mentions that the economy plays a role in the choice for nine-hole Par-3 courses.  “There is a greater perceived value to membership costs since the player still gets to golf but at a lower membership fee and more affordable daily rates” says Donahue.

The importance of knowing the difference between Par-3 and Executive Golf Courses can be paramount depending how much time you have set aside in a particular day for a great game of Golf.

Bethany Bay Golf Club is located alongside the Indian River/Whites Creek in Ocean View, DE and only four miles from the Beach.  Yearly memberships along with Seasonal Memberships are available.  More information can be obtained by calling 1-302-539-3833.  Diane Meyer, Marketing by DM, is the Marketing Consultant for Bethany Bay Golf Club.

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