There certainly are a lot of Promotional Products to choose from…..over 85,000 to be exact.  That is why it is important to communicate with us so that we can discuss what, why and where you are interested in using product.  Your marketing/promotion dollars have to be used wisely and before you can do that, you have to know what is available to you.  No matter what your budget, there are best choices.  If you wish to research various product yourself, you may visit .  Adprint, Inc. is the distributor I work with as an Independent Consultant in order to bring to them a marketing-edge to promotions.

Within the pages on this website, you will see some items for consideration and narrowed down to some degree.  These will be changed on a quarterly basis.  It is to your benefit to consult with me first so that we can partner and brainstorm together.  Brainstorming is free.  Doing it together makes it fun!!


  • Consider all goals and objectives before suggesting product
  • Understand marketing – getting value in return
  • Identify needs that can be met
  • Analyze how best to use product and when
  • Consistent communication from placing order to delivery and when
  • Always on the client’s side
  • Have the clients’ best interests in mind….at all times
  • Offer to be a part of all decision-making meetings
  • Partner in ways that don’t necessarily involve Promotional Product or Print Media

No matter what your needs… awareness, awards, rewards, corporate apparel, tradeshows, events, office materials, drinkware, luggage, clocks, watches, food items, baskets, calendars, padfolios, sports equipment, frames, balloons, greetings cards, etc.  Our reach is Nationwide.  There is nothing we can’t get or at least have a good chance at finding.  Check out our Contact Page for specific info.

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