Grocery Bag

Lots of great giveaways for Tradeshows but the choices for promotinal product should reflect your business branding, be very, very fun so that people are talking, is a USEFUL bag that attendees will not toss after the event, or attendees are directed to your website for special rewards.  Again, these are all stratagies we can discuss.  Looking at some of these ideas could result in assisting you with brainstormng but together we can truly improve the decision-making process.

Pens with Larger Grip Area

Don’t forget to think about who will be the majority of your attendees…..male/female, business executives, trades people, sportsmen, seniors, etc.  Promotional product ideas are different for all even in a choice as simple as a pen.  For instance, did you realize that seniors prefer a fatter grip because arthritis prevents them from holding the pen tight enough for the thinner grip.

Key Tage and Recorder

Unusual giveaways and different are typically requested.  Memorable is good.  This is one that is quite different.

Dancer Kite

Of course, then this is fun promotional products and depending on the time of year, this item can be particularly appropriate and believe me, you will have people coming back to your booth for one.  You can set something up that they could be won!!

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