Print Media ~ Greeting Cards/Promo Piece/Postcards

Personal Greeting Card = Warm Handshake

If we are all diligently reading Best Practices in the links from our wonderful friends on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you cannot miss seeing that the personal touch of a special greeting card still makes a lasting impression.  Who wouldn’t be delighted to receive a message in the mail that is particular to them.

Sending a card though can get complicated because we have to remember to send it in a timely manner, we must go out and buy it, then we have to put a stamp on it and then we have to mail it.  Most will say…..they just do not have time.  Now there is a fantastic program that has been developed to erase these challenges.  All you have to have is a computer…the rest is done for you.  Here are some of the benefits:

1.  Stock or customized cards

2.  Post cards, 2 panel or 3 panel cards

3. Up to 4 photos on each panel may be uploaded on cards for price of one.

4.  Customized handwriting font w/4 signatures

5.  No trips to the store or post office

6.  Ability to schedule release of cards; i.e. promo program, campaign, holiday

7.  Can be used as an invite

8.  Gifts and Gift Cards can be included with card.

This is just another service that I am providing for my clients to help meet goals and objectives while preserving the bottom line.  Click on “Sending a card” above if you are interested in learning more.  The possibilities are unending.

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