Many Choices of Delicious Chocolate Gifts

Gifts to clients, employees, associates, potential clients, professionals, etc. is very broad.  The gift-giver is usually challenged with the decision of what would the gift-receiver really like and use (because we do want them to use it).  It is not an easy task.

My advice has usually been to really breakdown the recipients in many categories first.  Usually your higher end gifts are for a smaller select group.  This also helps with quantity pricing because these type of gifts are offered in quantities as little as one (1).  We can then take a look at the other levels and perhaps combine some.  Working within budget is always possible.  Choices can be made on whether to even imprint some items.  This is something you really need to consider on your higher end gifts.  We can talk.

Waterford Lismore Crystal ~ Other Waterford Items Also Available

In the meantime, here are some ideas but that is all they are.  Each of you has a specific clientbase and reason for the giftgiving so we want to help guide you toward a positive response from the recipient.

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