Marketing Professionals Always Alert to Teachable Moments

Marketing Teachable Moments

When to Teach and When Not to Teach

Do we know when to take a step back?

It is very easy for us marketing professionals to observe every and any opportunity to teach those that have come to us for guidance and direction.  After all, most of us have been asked to speak at organization sales meetings, Chamber events, business conferences and other events to help attendees understand Marketing, Advertising, Social Media and how a well thoughtout Marketing Strategy could have a positive impact in the success of their business.

OK….so we are the experts.  Most marketing professionals I know are positive, enthusiastic, passionate, we-can-do kind of leaders.  Everyone must want to hear what we have to say if they want to propel their business way ahead of everyone else.  They wouldn’t have hired us if they weren’t going to listen to us, so all we have to do is keep insisting, making them feel inadequate and discounting any objections because we know better… right?   WRONG!

These days most of the smaller companies and some large corporations still do not have marketing personnels in place and have assigned a VP of Finance, Purchasing Manager, top Sales Person or Executive Assistant to handle marketing responsiblities.  Be mindful that all those in business at any level believe they understand marketing and what works and what does not.  There is a danger here of viewing our being hired as a Consultant as an open invitation to treat every question, objection, and misconcepton as a Teachable Moment.

Understand that if you are talking to a financial executive about their Marketing Mix, he or she sees dollar signs regarding every wonderful suggestion you believe you have made.  Remember…..they just cut their entire marketing, advertising, PR and social media staff.  They’ll listen but they don’t hear exactly what you are saying.  All that positive talk just seems to them like you are not being realistic.  Tailoring your ideas and strategy in accordance to the background and personality of the person you are meeting with, will have a better chance of being heard than believing that we know what we are talking about so listen to what I have to say.

Respect for Marketing, Advertising, PR and now Social Media has always been an uphill challenge but thank goodness for the optimistic type of personality, in most cases, that is attracted to the profession.  I can recall years back when the VP of Finance where I was employed didn’t understand why we needed a Marketing Department because all we had to do was open the doors and people would come.  We smiled and did our job.  People came but our efforts brought in thousands more.

Social Media is such an important addition to the Marketing Mix BUT it is just another opportunity for us to think that it is a Teachable Moment and everyone wants to hear us.  Oh they are listening to us all right, but they are not hearing what we have to say.

Teachable Moment ~ Is there really one?

Is there really a question here?

Don’t want this blog to come off as my moment of teaching but more as a reminder to myself as well as others that many questions asked aren’t questions at all.  Maybe no one asked us anything at all but we are assuming that there are all these teachable moments out there.  Energy and positive approach is a great way to live your life.  If others can’t be convinced of a best strategy, at least what you believe to be best, know when to take a step back.

Love to know your thoughts.

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About Diane Meyer
Diane has more than 30 years in the corporate environment as Marketing Manager, Marketing Training Director, Advertising Manager and PR Manager for such companies as Celanese Corporation, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Kimberly-Clark Corporation and The Money Store. More recently she served as Executive Director of Community Health Campaign overseeing all the marketing efforts for 13 health agencies. In 2005 she started her own Marketing/PR firm, Marketing by DM. Her client list consists of small and large businesses from all over the United States. She assists clients with their marketing and promotional efforts while also recommending programs to reward employees, branding efforts through promotional products and events/PR efforts.



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