5th Anniversary (Part 2) ~ Today Competition/Tomorrow Client

Celebrating 5 years in business is quite a milestone…..especially when you start to reflect on how you got here.  While business objectives vary whether B2B or B2C , certain standards are constant and can propel you to many years of success or, if not properly defined, a short-lived jaunt on the road to success only to find a cliff at the end.

Last week I shared with you the Number 1 of 5 lessons I have learned over these five years; i.e. “Never be about price because you will be replaced by your competiton immediately.”

Number 2:  I’ve talked about competiton in other blogs but it is a very integral part to continued success.  Whether you are a small business or part of a large corporation, spending negative time and energy on your competition is unwise and a waste of time.  First and foremost they may end up being your client someday or even working for you. 

The best business plans incorporate an accepted basis for dealing with competition.  All parties associated with your brand should be aware of what you consider acceptable.  Previous competitors from other positions I have had are now my clients.  They have no problem working with me because I already had their respect.

R E S P E C T   =>  R E T E N T I O N  =>  R E F E R R A L S

Have you set forth standards regardng competition in your Business Plan?  Do you find yourself talking about your competitor to your client or potential client?  Has your competitor Branded you?

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Diane has more than 30 years in the corporate environment as Marketing Manager, Marketing Training Director, Advertising Manager and PR Manager for such companies as Celanese Corporation, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Kimberly-Clark Corporation and The Money Store. More recently she served as Executive Director of Community Health Campaign overseeing all the marketing efforts for 13 health agencies. In 2005 she started her own Marketing/PR firm, Marketing by DM. Her client list consists of small and large businesses from all over the United States. She assists clients with their marketing and promotional efforts while also recommending programs to reward employees, branding efforts through promotional products and events/PR efforts.

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