Social Media Positive Impact

Marketing by DM TV Interview on Social Networking

Social Media ~ It's All Good!!

Marketing by DM recent TV Interview  ~ I was recently asked to share my experiences with Social Media and how it impacted my business.  This TV interview is in 3 segments of approximately 7 minutes each.     

The breakdown is as follows:    

Segment 1 ~ My initial introduction to Social Media, in particular Twitter.  Click Here     Segment 2 ~ Marketing by DM beginning to engage on Twitter.  This segment  Click Here    make references to  Jamie Crager , Anne Deeter Gallaher, Deeter Gallaher Group  , Ford , Howell Marketing , and others.    

Segment 3 ~ Some of Social Media’s most recent impact on a small business such as Marketing by DM and the effects of truly being engaged.  Click Here .  Recommendations made to listeners regarding SMMmagazine   and Harrisburg Social Media Club.     

I was delighted to tell my story and in the end perhaps help others to view Social Media in a positive light.  It is worth the time investment….everything else will come.    

Love to hear your story.    

Fleece Embraces Social Media

Numerous pockets to carry Social Media devices

What would #Ford do?   Or… most of you know I should probably say,

What would Scott Monty do?

Can you blame me?  Here I am a Branding | Promotions Director who really, really…I mean really gets Social Media, so why wouldn’t Scott Monty come to mind when I come across a tech savvy wearable!!

Thinking like one of the best Marketers in the business is a little presumptuous on my part but I am sure going to try because if I stumble it just means that I am moving forward.

Now mind you, for a Social Media enthusiast like myself, these new fleece jackets that the vendors are putting out there are innovative and current.  Let me tell you what they have taken into consideration:

Numerous Pockets

Different Size Pockets

Different Weight of Fleece Dependent Upon Use

Can you imazine even a year ago consideration being given to iPod, Blackberry and YES…even the iPad by the Apparel Industry.

My guess is if this were a new Ford Fusion  Scott Monty would mention how neatly tucked into the inside as well as the outside of the jacket these useful compartments are to carry varied sized Social Media devices without taking away from the beauty of the design.  Also, that the lighter weight of some of these jackets get far more mileage than past years because of the freedom of movement not enjoyed previously.  He would also proudly state that all these updates have been made without sacrificing warmth and comfort. Ladies versions have even trimmer lines.

Sorry, but I am hooked and Social Media comes into play now with everything I do.  BUT….I really wanted to share this because I am so delighted that there is a lot of vendors out there who are now understanding their customer is deciding the product they want.  The buyer is driving the market not the seller convincing us that we need a certain product.

Let me know your comments.  Love to hear from you.

Afternoon “T”ea With Twitter


Twitter Presentation

The goal for this upcoming session will be to “elevate Social Media, in particular Twitter, from a ‘neat’ toy to a serious business tool.”  (Quote via/ @CEB_MLC)


This presentation is geared toward the Twitter 101 individual.

  • Hear from a business professional who is successfully engaged on Twitter
  • Learn from a Small Business Leader who has benefited from Social Media
  • Leave with practical applications & step-by-step guidelines on how to apply Twitter


Presented by   DIANE MEYER   (@MarketingbyDM)

Date:  Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Time:  3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Place:  Perfect Settings  (@Perfect Settings)

Address:  200 Locust St., Columbia, PA  17512

Parking:  Private Parking Lot just steps away

Refreshments:  Tea  and Tastykakes (@TastyBakingCo)


Cost:  $40.00

Preferred Attendance:  Maximum 40   (Register Early)

Registration Deadline:  Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 by email

  • Follow-up session (optional) will be offered Tuesday, October 26th, 2010, same time/same place for a cost of $30.00 so that questions can be answered and next steps discussed.  
  • All attendees will receive materials at the presentation that will assist them with refreshing subject matter discussed, guide to applications, terms to know and general information to be  helpful in the learning process.