Branding with promotional techniques

Just when you thought Branding, T-shirts, Logo Integrity cannot be part of the same  promotional product….take a look at this shirt that is laser etched to give a more professional look to even the least expensive wearable.  Don’t have to spend a lot on the product, when vendors are offering cutting-edge decorating technology.  This technique is offered by Vantage Apparel along with several other interesting methods of  logo embellishments.

Most recently, they introduced a new laser decoration technique called Reserve Burn-out Applique’….a trendy option for fleece, t-shirts or denim.  This reverse method gives a debossed impression which adds dimension to the logo.

Promotional products should always have a value no matter how little you budget or how much.  Consideration given to imprint method as well as product, when given the proper guidance, you might just find that a $2.50 t-shirt could be quite an exciting give-away (not throw-away) when you discuss with your promotions expert imprinting methods such as Etched and Embroidered, Etched and Applique, Digital Photo Imaging, Heat Seal, Crystal Tansfers.  How about YOUR company logo heat sealed on the inside of the product replacing the main label….tagless.  Yeah!  These unique imprinting methods can be more expensive than screen printing but the ROI makes it worth it.  You can always get samples!