Flash Drives Are Not All The Same


Just when you think something is an easy decision and can quickly be processed….most of the time it is not!!  

Flash Drives as a promotional give-away, website driver, tool for clients, special promotion, etc. are of great value but only if you ask some questions first:

1.  Are they Tier 1?

2.  Are they Grade A?

3.  Do they have a Lifetime Warranty?

4.  How long is pricing good?

5.  Are they NEW….never been used?

6.  Does the vendor Upload for FREE?

7.  What capacity do you REALLY need?  64MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB …… (well you get the idea)

Now you can purchase Flash Drives!!  Enjoy.

Any questions?

Changing Marketing|Sales Behavior Toward Social Media Requires Skilled Promotions

Changing behavior regarding how we in business, both large and small, increase sales, retain clients, attract potential clients and everything we have known in the past is not going to be easy for most.  Social Media truly has been marketed well and has attracted “possible” consumers.  Some Social Media Strategists are skilled at PROMOTING Social Media values and importance of integrating with Business Plan.  Skilled promotion will change behavior with never once “selling”.   Generous sharing of quality bearing information, providing varied tools to read, hear and see the value are extremely helpful to companies that do “get it” but need the strategists to assist with the HOW TO!!

Promotion assists the consumer in WHY they should do something different than what has always been done and has worked.  Behavioral change can be most challenging and frustrating because you may realize you have the consumers’ attention but the “buy-in” is twice as difficult to achieve.  Some are doing it right and @JamieCrager  http://www.CragerInc.com is a perfect example of expertise, value, quality and beyond tech savvy……a true Social Media Strategist (SMS).  Recognizing skilled promotion was a natural for me since it is what I do.  Realizing marketing by DM needed a SMS was a behavioral change that took courage.  I am ready for 2010…..are you?

Recently, Amy Howell, Howell Marketing, did an excellent blog that I would like to share with you if you haven’t seen it.  I think it will be extremely helpul…..http://ow.ly/yjWy.  Couldn’t have said it better myself.